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What We’re Offering

Loans Services

fgkDevelopment Loan

The loan is for projects

the member undertakes

for better financial stability.

yuEducation Loan

The loan is designed for enabling

oneself pursuit of further education

or for children's education

ojiEmergency Loan

The loan is designed for

emergency or unforeseen events

which are beyond a member control



1. To provide opportunities for members to save part of their disposable income.

2. To afford members credit at fair and reasonable rates and therefore enhance their socio-economic status.

3. To provide a forum for ICPSK members, their families and employees to consolidate part of their disposable income and benefits by saving and borrowing from the society at minimal cost.

Guideline for registration as a member

1. Admission fee is KES 1,000 non-refundable
2. It is a requirement for each member to hold 500 shares of Shs. 20 each (KES 10,000). The share contribution can be a one off or paid by a maximum of 5 installments.
3. Members will be eligible for loans after six months contributions and the loan will be 4 times the member’s contribution. Maximum repayment period is 60 months.
4. Remittance may be on M-PESA pay-bill number standing orders, bankers cheques. Cash payments are not accepted.


Fill in an application form

on our website

Make a request on our website and wait for response to e-mail

within 15-30 minutes from the time of the request during

business hours.


See How to Easy it is to send money

1. Go to the Mpesa menu |Select Lipa na M-Pesa |Select paybill| Enter business number 649834
2. Enter Account number – Your Membership Number or full name.
     • For Deposits put in ‘D’ at the end of your Membership Number[e.g 186D]
     • For Loans, put in ‘L’ at the end of your Membership Number[ e.g 186L]
     • For Share Capital, put in Membership Number+SC[e.g.186SC]
3. Enter the amount| Enter Your PIN| Confirm that you have entered the correct pay Bill Number\Your Membership Number or full name \the Amount.